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Dining Made Easy
A lot of business is conducted at parties, dinners, and meetings that seem purely social on the surface.  Knowing how to take advantage of the business potential in these situations adds to your nine-to-five abilities. Many professionals are not at ease in such situations.

Today, savvy dining skills play a major role in the business arena. Top management at many Fortune 500 companies take potential front line employees to lunch, and/or dinner to observe their comfort level with executives, spouses, wait staff, and, yes, even the myriad pieces of silverware. Like it or not, management equates good manners with competence and poor manners with incompetence.

To climb the corporate ladder, it is up to you to seize every opportunity to distinguish yourself and your employees from the competition. The Dining Made Easy program
will give you a useful set of tools for those situations where business relationships are developed and strengthened in social settings.
You will learn:
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