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Manners Made Easy™
(Programs for adults over 18) As one matures, gaining self-confidence and enhancing self-esteem is very important. The MANNERS MADE EASY program is designed to acquire and strengthen knowledge, encourage confidence and promote ease in handling any situation.

Dining skills - a four-hour hands on program teaches correct dining skills and will provide one with the ability to navigate through a meal with ease. Dining correctly and with ease speaks volumes about anyone. An inability in these areas also speaks volumes. Properly using and selecting the right eating utensils is an important step to confidence at the dining table. Why sabotage yourself unknowingly by displaying poor table manners? Remember, no one will mention to you that your table manners are unacceptable.

Social and Dining Skills - a one day seminar focuses on the acquired skills needed beyond correct table manners and dining with confidence. Conversational skills are the mark of someone who cares about others and takes the time to speak with clarity and thoughtfulness.  Eye contact, nonverbal communication and eliminating gestures that are offensive in certain cultures are very important skills.  Dressing right for the occasion, job interview savvy, and treatment of fellow employees or household help are other layers necessary for confidence-enhanced self-esteem.

   Private tutoring and group rates are available