"Protocol School of Phoenix programs are all about
         personal excellence and self-confidence."

  Susan von Hellens is the founder and director of Protocol School of Phoenix, an organization specializing in
  teaching business etiquette, international protocol, and the skill, coupled with confidence for correct dining.
  Ms. von Hellens also provides to teens and young adults an up to date Manners Made Easy program.

  As an Executive Coach and Protocol Advisor, Ms. von Hellens provides training and consultation services to
  business, corporations, individuals and associations who are interested in improving their interpersonal skills,
  enhancing self comfort and self assurance in a variety of business and social situations.

  Programs are designed to increase awareness and to provide confidence of personal conduct and its impact
  on business and social relationships.  Protocol, etiquette and dining savvy are critical in both social
  and business settings and are necessary to compete in today's global economy.

  Through multi hands on techniques and exercises, Ms. von Hellens will help you polish your impact, increase
  your performance level and enhance your self-confidence.
  Business Etiquette Made Easy
    Summer 2016 classes are in session!
    Reserve your place today

  Dining Made Easy
    Summer 2016 classes are in session!
    Reserve your place today

  Please email:
 Protocol School of Phoenix
  or call us at: (602) 909-3969
 Know a company executive who may be eager to land the million-dollar contract from a client overseas?

 Know a business owner who may be concerned at functions that provide opportunities he or she seeks?

 Do you spot an array of silverware, china and glassware on the table and silently wonder how to use them?

 Are you concerned about making a good impression?

 Know a young adult who is current with fashion, sports and music, but feels awkward in dining/social situations?


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“All men by nature desire knowledge”
                            Aristotle 384-322 B.C.
 Susan von Hellens quoted in
 the Arizona Republic

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